My Handwriting


(Transcript of above image:)

This is what my handwriting looks like. The reason for that is simple, but you may find it funny. Back in high school, everyone told me I had messy writing. I didn’t like that, so I decided to make my handwriting distinctive in a different way. One day, I started to do the following:

-Change the “tails” of my letters to be much longer

-Change capital letters and “tall” letters to be much taller

-Write everything at an angle, as if writing in italics.

This shift basically worked, and worked immediately. Since the day I switched over, I have received many compliments on my handwriting. I personally don’t think my handwriting is all that good, but it does make a distinctive impression – and that impression, whatever it may be, is not ‘messy’! Not bad for something that took me about five minutes of effort one day in high school…


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